Work accomplished over the past few weeks

We give praise to God for His help in accomplishing some important work over these past several weeks:

First, our team in Southern Maryland completed installing our coax swtch and associated hardware. We had to be off the air on June 19 for a short while, to finalize this installation.   Now that the coax switch is installed, this will make it much easier to place our backup transmitter on the air, without ripping apart our coax and jumpers, and re-assembling.  It will reduce off air time as a result.  Thanks to those of you who have supported WXMD over the past couple of years.  This completes the RF work needed for the upgrade.   Looking ahead, we have one more work item at WXMD that we know about.  That is, our main A/C unit is now quite worn and has become unreliable.  It is in need of replacement.  We already have the order placed with our vendor for a mini split A/C as the replacement.   

Second, speaking of worn - two of our critical servers in our main studio were getting close to end of life.  This past week, two new servers were brought online.  We are thankful for the work of our Regional Engineer for coming up to the studio from the Annapolis area.  Also for the Technical Services Manager from our sound software company who was here on site, working on this upgrade.  He appears to be the top expert in the whole company.  We could not be more happy and blessed with the excellent support and expertise that the Lord has given us.

Third, while here, besides the major server upgrade, we also acted on tending to an old server outlying at WNEQ in North Jersey.  That machine has been in the field and running 24x7 since 2013.  Its was time to intervene and upgrade it, before we had problems.  Good headway was made moving in this direction, while our team was here on site.  More to come on that project, but the major pieces are pretty much in place while we wait on parts. 

Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness. Thank you for your prayers for us.